Pole Fitness

Classic Pole is a 1 hour pole class with warm up, strengthening and conditioning exercises to prepare your muscles for the pole. Then we move onto the pole where you will learn various moves, tricks and spins. This class is suitable for all abilities.

Pole Dance Class

In this class you will learn pole dance routines, and learn how to put all the tricks you’ve learnt into a beautiful flow. (We suggest doing at least 3 pole fitness classes before joining this class).

Beginners Only Pole Fitness Course

This course is designers for complete beginners. If you are too nervous to join a group session, this is perfect for you. It’s a three week intense course where you’ll learn all the basics/learn how to get upside down etc. Includes two classes per week.

Aerial Hoop Course

Learn amazing circus skills whilst getting super fit on our Aerial Hoop course. Runs every 5 weeks, 1 class per week. Suitable for all abilities.

Advance Stretch Course

Flexibility is so important! The more flexible you are, the more you will get out of your classes. If you are serious about your flexibility and wanting to get your splits etc fast, this is definitely the course for you! Suitable for all abilities.

Beginners Aerial Silks Course

Learn how to fly! This Aerial Acrobatics class is perfect for those wanting a change from their usual boring workout. This class is absolutely amazing for getting your heart racing and building up strength. Suitable for all abilities.

Children’s Aerial Mix Course

Our new fun and exciting course for the little ones! They will learn a mix of Aerial skills, including Aerial Hoop & Pole Fitness, guaranteed to build up their strength, flexibility and confidence! Runs for 5 weeks. Suitable for children 6 and over.

Exotic Flow

Explore the stripper-style side to pole dance. Put on your sexiest heels, and learn erotic pole dance routines, guaranteed to make your confidence go through the roof!

Private Classes

If you would prefer to try out a private class before jumping into a group class, they run every day. Just give us a message with your availability and the class you’re after and we’ll see where we can get you in. Available for all classes.